What’s in the box? Join and win!

740x340 What's in the Box

What’s in the box?

Look inside. There something you shouldn’t miss!


Playbox is giving away 10,000 Friendster coins to our daily winner plus the October lucky box to all Boomz players!


Joining the promo is easy, simply:

  1. Go to https://playbox.friendster.com
  2. Select your favorite game on PlayBox and click “Buy Now” or “Preorder”


3.  On the bottom part of the game page, click “Share on Facebook”.



4. Say something about the game. Why do you like the game? Do not forget to use the hashtag #Friendster #PlayBox

5. Post privacy should be set to “Public”.

Sample 3

6. Click “Share link”

7. Once done, like and message us on our official PlayBox Facebook page and provide your Friendster email address and name.

8. You must have a Friendster account to qualify.

9. 1 Lucky participant will win 10,000 Friendster coins every day!

10. All Boomz players will receive the October Lucky Box just by joining.

11. Promo runs from September 29 – October 13, 2014

What are you waiting for! Find out what’s in the box. Take a pick and win!


Divosaga FX’s Road to Eternal Love is here!


My dearest King of All Heroes,


The time has come to reclaim what was lost in your kingdom! Divosaga FX’s version 3.1 has officially arrived! This game version boasts of awesome features you’ve been waiting for so long!


Marriage System
Now is the time to seal your exchange of “I Do’s!” Engagement, wedding, or divorce, you may experience it all in the new marriage system!


New Class Advancement
Players can now complete quests for Class Advancement to unlock powerful skills and obtain awesome effects!


Astrology Upgrades
Two new Astral slots will be given to you in this version upgrade! Astral upgrade training, and brand new double attribute Astrals will surely boost your power!


Mount Refining
You can now refine your mounts’ stats to enhance your strength!


Dragon Invasion

Party up with your friends and defend your kingdom from the dragon invasion!


Did you think reaching level 80 is the end of the line? Well then, you now have a reason think again!


Read the complete patch notes here!


See you in game!
Friendster Team…

PlayBox is here! Browse, purchase, and play your favorite games!


Hello everyone,


Looking for a convenient way to search and purchase games online? Look no further as we launch our digital gaming platform, the Friendster PlayBox – Beta!


The Friendster PlayBox is the go-to place for all your digital gaming needs. Here, you can buy and download PC and Mac gaming titles at the best price. We are currently in Beta Phase but you can already browse through our list of games and enjoy deals and promotions exclusive for our community.


Incredible game collection

Friendster PlayBox holds a ton of different games to suit the need of every gamer. Watch out for updates as we constantly release new titles for our members to enjoy. Discover great new games that will take your gaming experience to a higher level!


Easy Purchase

Don’t have a credit card? No worries! You can purchase games through a number of payment options including bank deposit, over-the-counter payments and lots more with MOL! You can also pay through your PayPal account for a hassle-free transaction!


Great support team

Buy with confidence as our team is here to offer complete customer support. We are always here to give you assistance as we aim to make your gaming experience with us the best.


Be part of our growing community and discover great games! Meet fellow game enthusiasts, talk about the game reviews,  share tips and tricks for a maximum gaming experience.


See you there!


Congratulations to our Grab-A-Tab Promo winners!

Lady luck has spoken and two very fortunate participants will enjoy a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4!


A heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined our Grab-A-Tab promo! It’s time to announce the lucky players who will enjoy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and 25,000 Friendster coins!

Congratulations to our 2 winners of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4:
1.) Dela Cruz Anquilo A.K.A. “Pepita” from DrakensangFx
2.) Ryan Oniot A.K.A. “shishumaru14″ from Boomz

Creative answers also get a reward!

Congratulations to the 4 winners of 25,000 Friendster coins:
1.) Anne Enna A.K.A. “msƒRien∂shιp” from Boomz
2.) Alyas Layas A.K.A. “D dead fire fist Ace” from Battle Stations 2
3.) Meracle FD A.K.A. “Borat” from Drakensangfx
4.) Virgilio Amoncio Arches Jr. A.K.A. “ταhong” from Drakensangfx

For the winners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, please wait for our email containing instructions on how to claim your prizes.

For the winners of 25,000 Friendster coins, your prize will be automatically rewarded to your account within 3 working days.

Again, congratulations everyone! Watch out for more promos coming your way! How about some gaming gear, hmm?

Continue playing on Friendster and get awesome rewards!

Win 5,000 Friendster Coins from King of Tweet Promo!


Attention citizens!

The King is feeling generous this week. He will be giving away 5,000 Friendster Coins daily to a lucky citizen that will tweet about King of Towers! 


Yep, you heard it right. Just tweet to @friendster and you might win yourself some coins!


To participate, simply:

1.) Follow @Friendster on Twitter

2.) Tweet to @Friendster with a screenshot of your King of Tower base

3.) Include the hashtag #Friendster and KingOfTower and the link http://goo.gl/nqILP8

Sample Tweet:


4.) You must have a King of Towers character/ account to qualify.

5.) 1 lucky participant will win 5,000 Friendster coins daily!

6.) Promotion runs from Sept 22-29, 2014!


What are you waiting for? Try it out and win!

Your Kingdom Awaits on Friendster!




Friendster has just released a new Tower Defense game courtesy of Shinezone.  Welcome to The King of Towers!


In this game, you are King, and it is your duty to defend your Kingdom!


  • Use any of the four towers at your disposal to defeat invaders.


  • Build Towers by clicking on empty spots in the stage.


  • Stop enemies from getting through the exit circle.


  • Finish stages to advance to the next levels.


  • Login daily to get rewards by spinning the Daily Wheel!


  • And don’t forget to Sign In Daily for more rewards!



So what are you waiting for? Login to Friendster and play The King of Towers now!

Grab-A-Tab this September!


Hey there!


Friendster is giving away  #GalaxyTab4 to TWO lucky winners! Not to mention 4 winners of 25,000 Friendster coins!


Want to win? Then join our Grab-A-Tab promo now!


Joining is really easy! All you have to do is:


1.) Go to your favorite Friendster game and take a screenshot of your character answering the question,

“Why should Friendster give you a Galaxy Tab 4?”

Female Spellweaver

Be creative! 4 participants with the most creative answer will win 25,000 Friendster coins!


2.) Submit your screenshot to the Friendster Facebook Fanpage together with the following:

  • Your answer plus  the hashtag #GalaxyTab4PH and the link http://spr.ly/Tab4
  • Friendster Email Account:
  • Game and Server:
  • Character Name:


 Sample FB Message


3.) Multiple submission of entries is allowed. However, you can only submit 1 entry per game character.

  • Ex. If you have submitted an entry using your Drakensang FX character screenshot, you may submit another one using a character screenshot from a different Friendster game.

4.) Anyone with a game character on Friendster may join this promotion. If you don’t have one yet, then choose a game and register now!


5.) The Friendster team will move valid entries to our “GalaxyTab4 Giveaway” album and “Tag” the person who submitted the entry.


6.) Promo period is from September 5-18, 2014.


7.) 2 Lucky participants will win a #GalaxyTab4 through an electronically raffle draw on September 19, 2014.


8.) 4 of the most creative entries will win 25,000 Friendster coins each!


9.) Winners will be announced on the Friendster Fanapage on September 19, 2014 and will be notified through email on how to claim the prize.


 Terms and Conditions

1. No purchase is necessary to join.

2. Friendster employees are not allowed to join this promotion.

3. Prizes sponsored by …

A mighty warrior from Khalys emerged victorious! All hail Aerithgainsburgh of Drakensang!

We would like to present our Featured Player of the week, Aerithgainsburgh from DrakensangFX!

Real Name: Christopher Vonn Cornelio
Game that you play: Drakensangfx
Character Name: Aerithgainsburgh
Level: 45
Server: Khalys
Guild: Notorious Circle

When did you start playing?

I started playing early December of 2013. I was browsing around the web while waiting for my girlfriend to go online when I found this game.

What is your unforgettable in-game experience?

My most unforgettable experience was finding the last piece of Keen’s might set that I have and it was the Keen’s fist


What are the features that you like best in the game? 

I like the game for its awesome graphics and the cool sound effects (especially for the ‘Emotes’) and its flexibility ( I can login using a client or a browser). Even if I’m not at home to do my daily login quest, I can visit any local internet cafe and play.

What are your accomplishments?

I consider completing these unique sets as my achievement:
  • Vargulf’s Legacy set from the Full Moon Event
  • Witch Chaser Armor set from the New Moon Event
  • Treasures of the Deep set (5/5)
  • Keen’s Might (3/3)

I was also able to do a Solo Mortis run and was able to defeat him (though this one was so close ha ha!)


What made you choose your character class?

My very first character was a Spellweaver and I had so much fun with it. With this character I was able to meet new friends online. After reaching level 40, I decided to try the Dragonknight class and I should say that I found that it’s the perfect character for me.

Favorite place in-game:

Halls of the dead is my favorite place because I can farm for glyphs and hunt for items …

Lady luck has chosen the winner of our CBT Promo!



Attention students of magic!

Lady luck has bestowed a great blessing to one of our students!


Congratulations to our lucky Magic Campus FX CBT Promo winner — Charmander!!! You just won an Ipad Mini 16GB! 

Thank you for playing with us during the CBT and we hope you’ll enjoy your reward :)


For others, don’t worry because there are more promos to be released! Be sure to watch out for it and join :)


By the way, we are boosting up your magic training! Play now until September 2, 2014 and get x2 EXP!


What are you waiting for?

Play Magic Campus FX now!




Spreading love all around! Congrats to our player of the week – Romance from Divosaga!

Say hello to Jay-ar AKA Romance from DivosagaFX. He is our Featured Player of the week!

Real Name: Jay-ar Mendoza
Game that you play: Divosaga FX
Character Name: Romance
Level: 58
Server: Pluto
Guild: Destroyer

When did you start playing?

I don’t remember the exact date but I know that I started playing the game in September 2013

What is your unforgettable in-game experience?

The most unforgettable experience for me was when I finally got the Crusader title for my character

What are the features that you like best in the game?

For me, the best feature of the game is the Card System, because it helps the players in making their characters stronger in the Battlefield.

What are your accomplishments?

For me, I consider being happy while playing the game that I love as an accomplishment. Enjoying the game is enough for me. 

What made you choose your character class?

Actually, I didn’t care what class I chose when I started the game. I chose wizard out of randomness but I eventually liked it. I also enjoyed it because I started to meet new friends in the game.

Favorite place in-game:

If I would choose one of the locations to be my favorite. I would say that it would be Sky Garden.

What is your favorite in-game event?

My favorite event is the Quartz Crafting event. I was able to get a lot of items because of this event.

Any message for the other Players?

Stay calm, be friendly and always enjoy Divosaga FX! Tha’s all. Thank you 

Do you want to win 10,000 Friendster coins just like the featured players? Send your entry and join now!