Get 10% more FS coins this season with the Holiday Topup Bonus!


Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Yes, Santa is here!and as your Santa, Friendster will give 10% more of your total Friendster coin top up. From December 15 – 31, 2014, Top up and get 10% more of your total top up.

  • Here’s how to get your 10%:
    • Top up a total of at least 10 USD from December 15 – 31, 2014.
    • ( The total top up during the promo period will be counted for qualification and not just one time purchase. )
  • Prize:
    • At the end of the promo period, we will award you with 10% more FS coins of your total top up from December 15 – 31, 2014
    • Example: Your total top up is 100k Friendster coins, we will give you an additional 10k Friendster coins (10%).
  • Awarding
    • The 10% Top up bonus will be awarded on your accounts within 10 working days after the promo ends.

Happy holidays everyone! Oh~ and remember, you can share your blessing by giving your friends some Friendster coins.

Top up now!

Friendster Team :) 

Hot Pizza, ready to be served!



Hi Guys!

   We’ve been running the Friendster Pizza Friday by Papa John’s Promo for over the past couple of weeks and we’re glad to say someone drop by our office to claim his prize.


pizza winner

Say hi to Mark Dallon Valmonte! One of our 2nd Week Pizza Friday winner.



He bagged not just the Gift Check but also some awesome Friendster merchandises.


For the other winners  your prizes are ready and  can be claim until December 31, 2014, so don’t forget to send us a message.

 To  everyone else, it’s not too late! We still have one Friday. Join the promo, Like us on facebook, and answer the question.


    To know the full mechanics visit


See you!
Friendster Team :)

Friendster Christmas Loot Promo: December 1 – 24, 2014

Hello Everyone!


Christmas is just around the corner, and Friendster have something for you. We are giving you a chance to win a cool Razer gear.


You just need to play any Friendster game and reach level 10, 15 or 20 on December 1 – 24, 2014!

Here is the full mechanics:


1.)  Register or Login at  



2.)  To qualify for the raffle, play any Friendster game and reach the following levels during the promo period and get a chance to win the corresponding items




3.)  If you already have a Friendster account or character with the level requirement, simply play another game and reach level 10, 15 or 20 during the promo period to qualify.


4.)  Only those accounts who have reached Level 10, 15 or 20 from December 1-24 will qualify for the raffle draw on December 25, 2014                                            


5.)  Submit your entries at . You may submit 1 entry per level, per game.


Player 1 may submit 3 entries for a Drakensang Account if you have reached Level 10, 15 and 20 during the promo period. That will be 1 entry for Level 10 raffle, another for the Level 15 and another for the Level 20


6.) 10 Lucky winners will be announced on December 25, 2014


7.) Winners will receive an electronic mail from Friendster on how to claim the prizes.


Join us in living the game!


Friendster Team ;)

How to Top up MOL Points?

Hello Everyone!

You can  conveniently  top up Friendster coins with the use of MOL Points!

Check out the tutorial below to learn how to buy Friendster Wallet using MOL Points.

  1. Visit

      If you have MOL account just login. If you doesn’t have one you can  register at


  2.  Choose payment channels.

       Please select your country, choose your favorite payment method and reload your  MOL Points.




3. Enter the amount to reload into your account and click the reload button.


4. Confirm your purchase . Double check the transaction details and then click proceed to continue.

5. To topup your ePoints, go to and sign in your account.

6. Go to your Friendster wallet by clicking the “F” logo at the upper right corner of the screen.


7. Choose to pay using Scratch Cards and Pins. Enter your Serial Number and Pin provided by Smart then confirm by clicking Topup Now”.


13.) A notification will appear confirming the success of the Topup.



Congratulations! You’ve successfully reloaded your Friendster wallet using MOL Points.:)


Friendster Pizza Friday by Papa John’s


Answer our question about Friendster Games and get a chance to win a medium classic pizza gift certificate from Papa John’s.




1.) Enrollment : Like us on Facebook.

2.) To take the Quiz : Questions will be posted on Friendster Facebook Page. Look for it, Like the post, Answer the question and get a chance to win a Papa John’s Medium Classic Pizza Gift Certificate

3.) Schedule of Quizzes : “The Quiz will be conducted on four (4) separate fridays, with three (5) different winners announced on the following monday. The quiz dates shall be as follows:


4.) Submission of Answer: Submit your answer by posting a comment on the question posted , put a hashtag #FriendsterGames and #PapajohnsPH . You can only answer a question on a given time frame.



5.) Graduation: Winners will be randomly selected and will be announced on the following days.


6.) Winners will receive an electronic mail from Friendster on how to claim the prize


Terms and Conditions

1.) Everybody is qualified to join this promo
2.) No purchase necessary to enter the raffle
3.) Account with two or more answer for a specific question, edited entries and incorrect or mispelled answers will be invalid.
4.) Promo period is from November 14, 2014 to December 5, 2014


We will wait for your answers!


Friendster Team…

Load your guns! Contract Wars is now available on Friendster


Friendster just launched a first-person shooter(FPS) with a great collection of weapons, RPG features, leveling, achievements and tons of unlocks developed and published by AbsolutSoft.


Introducing Contract Wars! A new game of Friendster.


Log-in at Friendster and set your weapon.



Get Ready! Shoot and kill your enemies.


Compete with friends to improve your skills.

         Play Contract Wars and get into fight!


                                   Play now!

Top up using GAMEX!

Hi everyone!




We’ve made it easier for you to top up! You can now conveniently top up Friendster coins with the use of your Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun cellphone load!


All you need is your mobile number and a sufficient load balance and you can buy Friendster coins anywhere, anytime!


Check out the tutorial below to learn how!


Topup using your Smart / Talk n’ Text / Sun load! 

1.)Using your computer, mobile phone or tablet, go to


2.) Select the Friendster games you are playing

3. ) You will be redirected to your chosen game’s page.

*Note: Friendster coins can be used to top up any Friendster game.

4.) Choose the ePIN amount you want to buy. Click “Add to Cart”.



5.) If you’re ready to pay, go to your “Shopping Cart” and click the“Checkout” button.

6.) You will be prompted to enter your mobile number. Click“Submit”.

7.) A verification code will be shown on your screen.

8.) Using your mobile phone, text the verification code to “3161”.

9.) You will receive a confirmation that you have successfully purchased Game ePINs via SMS. You must have sufficient prepaid load or have a postpaid line. Your mobile load will be deducted or your postpaid line will be charged accordingly.


10.) To topup your ePINs, go to and sign in your account.

11.) Go to your Friendster wallet by clicking the “F” logo at the upper right corner of the screen.


12.) Choose to pay using Scratch Cards and Pins. Enter your Serial Number and Pin provided by Smart then confirm by clicking “Topup Now”.

Top Up Scratch Card

13.) A notification will appear confirming the success of the Topup.

 Top Up Scratch Card 2

Congratulations! You have successfully reloaded Friendster coins using your Smart / …

Get your Guns and Robots Ready!

Greetings Shooters!



Friendster has just released a new shooter game courtesy of Masthead Studios.


Let me introduce to you the Guns and Robots!


You will create and customize your robots by combining various components, from chassis, arms, head, guns and body.


Battle against other players, where only the strongest root will survive!


Take tactical decisions. Your robots can move freely across the battle maps, picking strategic spots to attack and defend.


Join Multiple Challenges. Team up with your friends and fight against other players.


Feel the rush of close combat encounter


What are you waiting for? Play now!




Thanks for visiting us at Pinoy Gaming Festival 2014!

The team would like to say THANK YOU to every one who visited us at the Pinoy Gaming Festival! We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did!



Special thanks to our Boomz, Drakensang and Divosaga players and also to MSI Philippines for sponsoring our gaming laptops during the event! :)


The 2 day PGF event was fun for the Friendster Team. We held a freeplay for our games, Drakensang FX, Boomz, Divo Saga and Magic Campus. It was fun seeing new faces try out the game!


Some of the participants won merchandise and special items from us while others lined up for our freebies. We gave away lots of Friendster merchandise (Tshirt, Lanyards, and Bags) to lucky raffle winners!


Check out the gallery here for more pictures!


Meanwhile, don’t forget your 40% discount on all PlayBox games! Just enter “PGF-2014″ on checkout .


We hope to see you on our next event!


Friendster Team

Battle Stations 3: An updated version!




We are delighted to inform you that Battle Stations have been upgraded to Battle Station 3. The game still requires you to pilot your flying ship to explore floating islands and do battle with other ship captains and monsters.


For Beginners’

There are great treasures to be discovered, hidden secrets to uncover, and fortune to behold. Live by your own rules and seize what’s yours!

Man your battle stations! For enemies are abound. Be it in Player Versus Player (PvP) combat, or in the group effort of Clan Wars (CW), you need to take them out before they blast you out of the sky!



Levels 1-10

All Captains start out as the Sailor Class for the first 10 Levels, which means every Captain in this Level range have the same automatic Ability Points distribution ratio. This, along with the low number of overall Ability Points a Captain in this Level range might have, as well as the limited choice of Ships, Weapons and Parts and the unavailability of Captain Vs Captain Battles until later, means that build strategy isn’t as important here as it would until the later Level ranges; nevertheless, Captains are well advised to start allocating Ability Points according to one of the above recommended Build Strategies from the start, as Points allocated here carry on to the later Level ranges.



Beyond Level 10

Hopefully by this point, familiarity with the interface has been established. How to proceed is up to what kind of captain is being developed. Other important systems to be familiarized with are the Black Market and Resource Exchange. Captains can also join clans and enjoy clan warring.


Join us at

Welcome to the World of Sios! :)