Another gem found! Behold our featured player of the week, Princessemerald!

Hello folks!

We found another gem in DrakesangFX this week! Fame and fortune awaits Princessemerald as he gets a reward of 10,000 Friendster coins and a featured spread in Friendster! Get to know more about our princess… I mean Emerald below! ;-)


Real Name: Emerald Rey De Asis
Game that you play: Drakensangfx
Character Name: Princessemerald
Level: 45
Server: Khalys
Guild: Fist of Guthix

When did you start playing?

I started playing last November of 2013.


What is your unforgettable in-game experience?

My most unforgettable moment was when I killed the boss “Sargon the terrible” and I was able to loot a unique item(Cloak of Gloom) for the first time.

What are the features that you like best in the game? 

The thing that I love the most about DrakensangFX is that I have the means to play the game not just from home, but any where, at any time. I can just go over to a friend’s house, or swing by a local internet cafe to enjoy the game.

I also love the game’s high quality sound and graphics.

What are your accomplishments?

I have participated in the LIVE TOURNAMENT in Davao City. and won the 2nd place (Duel: 1v1 category) and I won the Gnob’s Tricks and Giggles – Valentine Pick-up Line event..


What made you choose your character class?

I chose Dragonknight because I think Being A DK suites my personality. Strong and Unstoppable.

Favorite place in-game:

Kingshill . A good place to make new friends throughout Duria!

What is your favorite in-game event?

My favorite in-game event is the lunar events, Full Moon and new Moon as well as the Terrifying Shadows event series.



All hail Princessemerald!


Any message for the other Players?

Never give up and Always do your

Friendster Featured Player of the Week – Achnologia from Drakensang FX

It’s that time of the week again folks! Behold our featured player of the week, Achnologia from Drakensang FX!


Real Name: John Gerard P. Medina
Game that you play: Drakensangfx
Character Name: Achnologia
Level: 45
Server: Khalys

When did you start playing?

If memory serves me right, last November of 2013. By accident 


What is your unforgettable in-game experience?

Well, I guess it’s the first time that I was able to get my first unique item. When I saw it, I almost jumped out of my chair. 

I was randomly walking in Mystra, I was level 37 back then, when a simple mob dropped my very first unique item. Haha! I was really happy getting my hands on a Grimmag Starry Robe and even if better items came, I still used it. (But I’m using Witch Chaser Jerkins now). I find it unforgettable since it makes me feel that the game is fair. I never used real money in this game and giving equal opportunity to all players is the best key for making a good game where all players can enjoy it fully.


What are the features that you like best in the game?

PVP! I was just promoted as a Novice Knight of the Order and I feel like an elite already! Haha! For me, the PVP feature simply makes a player’s perseverance fruitful. Yeah! Everyone knows that it isn’t easy gaining honor points honestly! Even though there are times that really strong players defeat me, I never quit. I guess it is really worth it to give it your best, even if it is only a game.


What are your accomplishments?

Well, I was lucky enough to be chosen as an officer in our guild. I also reached the NKOTO …

Learn the art of wizardry in Magic Campus!


Hello everyone,


To quench the excitement for the upcoming CBT, we’ll show you the different classes you can enjoy in the school of magic. ;)


The game has 6 unique classes to choose from. Each class have different skills and stats. Check out which suits you best!


1.) Warrior

-The warrior is the tank of the party. They have increased vitality to protect the party from vicious attacks.

Engineer Male + Female 3Engineer Male + Female 4

2.) Cleric

-Clerics are vital party members. They will literally raise you up when your down. Enjoy tons of buffs and heal spells for your friends!

Priest Male + FemalePriest Male + Female 2

3.) Musician

-Looking for the traditional pewpew~ wizard in the game? Well technically, you are all wizards in Magic Campus, but the Musicians have those powerful burst magical attacks triggered by music!

Soul Musician Male + Female 2

4.) Fighter

- Fighters are also known as the assassin of the group . They have endless attacks that deals massive amount of damage!


5.) Hunter

- Hunters always have their loyal pets with them to help them out during battle.

Solar Hunter Male + Female

6.) Sniper

- Snipers have long ranged attacks that deals massive amount of magic damage to any group or target!

Marksman Male + Female 2Marksman Male + Female


Each class is unique so choose wisely! ;) Learn more about Magic Campus here.


Pre-register now for the CBT to assure your slot! See you soon!





Magic Campus Ipad Mini CBT Giveaway!


Hello everyone,

Magic Campus is almost here and we need some Closed Beta players to help us out during the testing phase! Join the CBT and get the chance to win an Ipad Mini 16GB!


Here’s how to join:

1.) The promo is open to all. No purchase is necessary to join the raffle.

2.) To be eligible, participants must create a Magic Campus FX character during the Closed Beta Testing period. The character must reach at least level 15 at the end of the CBT phase.


(Click here to pre-register and assure a slot for the CBT!)


3.) One Friendster account with an eligible Magic Campus character is considered one raffle entry.

4.) The winner of the raffle will receive an Ipad Mini 16GB Wifi.

5.) The winner will be chosen via electronic raffle at the end of the CBT period.

6.) The winner will be announced on all our media channels and will be notified through electronic mail.


Claiming Instructions:
1.) The winner will receive the following message and instructions through electronic mail:

a. Reply to us at with the following details:

i. Full Name

ii. Complete Address

iii. Contact Number

iv. Friendster Account Name

v. Magic Campus character Name

2.) Upon claim, the winner must provide at least 1 Valid ID with picture.

3.) Prizes unclaimed within 30 days will be forfeited in favor of the organizer.


So what are you waiting for? Pre-register for the CBT now and assure your slot!


Do you believe in magic?


Hello everyone,


Hold on to the sorting hat because a school of magic is about to open up in Friendster!


CBT is coming this June 2014 and we’ll be asking some players to help us go through the testing phase! Great rewards and exciting promos are in store for our Closed Beta testers!


You can pre-register here to get a sure slot. Don’t worry, we’ll notify you via email once the CBT starts!


Let the magic unfold!


Drakensang Battlegrounds Cebu Activity List



Hello everyone!


The much-awaited Cebu Battleground is coming to you guys this June 2014! With other Friendster games like Divosaga, Boomz and Dark Orbit tagging along, it’ll be one great party!


When:  June 20, 2014 – Friendster Freeplay

             June 21, 2014 – DSO Tournament + Freeplay

Where: Livewire Internet Cafe, Sanchiangko St., Cebu City (Next to University of Cebu)




We will be giving away tons of prizes including Razer gadgets and Friendster merchandise plus cash! Newcomers can even win a Razer Kraken Headset just for dropping by and trying out our games!


Here are our activities, go ahead and check them out!



I. Freeplay

  • Prize: Razer Kraken Headset
  • How to join: Just go to the cafe during the event, register and join the freeplay to be qualified for the raffle!


II. Pre-Registration Raffle

  • Let us know if you can make it to the Drakensang Battlegrounds – Cebu by pre-registering here. Pre-register with your info below:
        Character Name: 
  • Be at the event to qualify for the extra perks.
  • Redeem your prize and check if the event qualified for an Extra special Razer Raffle.


728x90-DSOBATTLE-FP (1)

III. Drakensang 1v1 Tournament

  • How to join: Register at the event venue. Fill up the registration form with all the necessary information. Minimum of 8 participants
  • Prizes:
    • Champion
      (1) Razer Kraken Headset + (1) Friendster T-Shirt
      Defensive Polished Gem x1
      Offensive Polished Gem x3

      First Runner Up
      (1) Razer Goliathus Mousepad + (1) Friendster T-Shirt
      Fine Steed Black Mount
  • Click here for more details.


IV. Drakensang 3v3 Tournament

Divosaga FX Magical Nirvana v2.46 Patch is now live!


Hi Divosaga lords,

The most awaited v2.46 update is now here!  Tons of new features and content have been released.

Some of the key releases are:

A lot for one update right? Well don’t worry, if you start playing now, you’ll get to experience all of it in no time. ;-)

Come and play Divosaga now!


A new update is coming to Divosaga FX!


Greetings Divosaga Lords,


I bring you good news! The much awaited update is now coming to Divosaga FX! Expect tons of updates like new maps and game features, couple of game optimization and lots more!


Watch out for more updates~ coming soon!


Thanks for joining us @ Ozinefest 2014!

Friendster at Ozine

Hello everyone!


We had a blast last weekend during the Ozinefest 2014! Tons of cosplayers visited our booth and played our games. We gave away lots of Friendster merchandise (Tshirt, Lanyards, USB, Bags) to lucky raffle winners! It was a great 3 days for both the cosplay and gaming community!


Special thanks to MSI Philippines for sponsoring our gaming laptops during the event! ^_^


Check out the gallery here for more pictures!


Thanks everyone! See you at the next event!



MOLpay FPX now available on Friendster Wallet!


Hello everyone,


Our Malaysian players can now Topup credits easier with MOL Pay FPX, now available in our Friendster Wallet!


Players can now topup through FPX’s participating Malaysian banks like Maybank, CIMB Bank, RHB Bank, Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank and Bank Islam.


Topping up with MOLpay FPX (Malaysia) is easy.

1. Just go to your Friendster wallet by clicking “Topup now”


2.) Go to Bank and Wallets at the right hand part of the window.

3.) Choose the top-up amount by sliding the bar up or down. Click Top up now.

4.) Choose your favored payment method and click “Continue” to proceed.


5.) Input the amount desired and follow the step-by-step instructions of your chosen payment method.


6.) A confirmation that you have successfully loaded Friendster coins will be sent through email or SNS, depending on your chosen mode of payment.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully reloaded your Friendster wallet using Bank and Wallets.