Exclusive Drakensang Razer Packs for Razer Comms users!


Attention Durians! 

Friendster and Razer are teaming up to give Razer Comms users exclusive and limited Drakensang Razer Packs! Get yours now before they run out! 

1.) To claim just go to: http://www.razerzone.com/drakensang-comms
2.) Enter your Razer ID and receive your code!

Be proud and wear your Razer tabards! Your loyalty will be rewarded with these useful items that will help you in your quest for freedom.



Drakensang Battlegrounds rocks Davao!

blog post 1Hello everyone,

Our DSO team came back smiling from our recent Drakensang Battlegrounds in Davao! They had a great time facilitating the tournament for our Durian warriors who attended the event.


Tons of stuff were given away including Friendster merchandise and Razer items! Razer Kraken headsets and Razer Goliathus mousepads were given to our 3v3 and 1v1 champions!


Here are the winners from our Drakensang Battlegrounds Davao leg:


Drakensang Battlegrounds Davao 3v3 Champions: Battalion Team

- Choconacold

- Dragonlight

- Darkmagi


3v3 1st Runner Up – Akomabawho Team

- Christof

- Turop

- Mostwanted13


Side Event 1v1 Tournament Champion – Sniper666

1v1 1st Runner Up - Princessemerald


Last but not the least, our top 10 early birds who got 1k Draken are:












Witwew! Congratulations and many thanks to everyone who attended the event. ‘Til the next tournament!


Click here to view more pictures of the event.





DSO Battlegrounds in Cavite!



Hello Defenders of Duria!


The DSO teams strikes again at Truth Caster Cafe in Cavite City! Our players enjoyed an action packed afternoon as our tournament participants battled it out to be at the top!


At the end of the day, Indestructible team proved worthy of their name as they came out to be Cavite’s DSO Battleground Champions! Congratulations to team members Gendry, Lastexile and ExÖ! Woohoo!


On the other hand, the runner up position was given to Joe, Elxle and Deecy of team DSO-Arena. Congrats to them as well!


Check out the rest of the event pictures here.


Our next leg takes us to the city of durians, Davao city! ;-) We have something big waiting for you there as we add Razer items to our prize list! Get your hands on a Razer Kraken and Goliathus Mousepad!


Isn’t that exciting? :D


See you soon Davao!



The Friendster Team






Dark Orbit Reloaded 101: A space pilot’s guide to the galaxy

180x180-FB-AVATAR-DKORB Hello new recruits!


Welcome to Dark Orbit Reloaded! I’ll take you through a guided tour of the game so you won’t feel lost. I know how new recruits usually feel so let me help you out! ;-)

First off, once you’ve chosen a character name, you’ll be asked to pick your allegiance. You can only choose one so pick the one you really like!

Choose Allegiance


There are 3 choices: Mars Mining Operations, Earth Industries Corporation and Venus Resources Unlimited.

If you like to use force and aggression to get the job done, then Mars Mining Ops is the group for you.

On the other hand, if you prefer to use monetary might to gain the upper hand, then Earth Industries Corporation is the way to go.

Lastly, if you wield cunning and grace to defeat your enemies, or you’re a girl like me and is totally biased to the girl avatar, then Venus Resources Unlimited is the choice for you.


After you’ve chosen a side, you will be brought to the main page. You will find your profile, the shop, events and news, rankings and a lot more about Dark Orbit Reloaded.


More on this later on, for now, click “start” and let’s focus on the game!

On with the controls! To move your spacecraft, simply point and click your mouse pointer on the area you want to go. You can click on a location on the mini map and your ship will automatically go there. To attack a ship, click your enemy to target and press “1″. Oh and don’t spam “1″ when using missiles. Just one click is enough, double clicking it will turn off the attack.

controlscontrol 2


By pressing “1″, “2″ or “3″ you will be able to use or consume the items you put in …

Drakensang FX Battlegrounds 2014 (QC) Event Recap!

Hello everyone!

How was your weekend? We hope you had fun coz we certainly did! It was great seeing our players in the flesh. Hopefully they were glad to see us too ;)


Our first ever Drakensang FX Battlegrounds tournament was held at BC Website in Anonas, Quezon City. The event wasn’t without hiccups but everyone went home smiling.  The DSO team gave away tons of in-game items (including rare ones!) and lots of Friendster and DSO merchandise.

blog 2

We also conducted a 1v1 tournament and Silvermainne was declared the champion! Congratulations! Enjoy your 3x Polished Rubies and 1x Polished Diamond :D !


Then after a series of matches, Team AC Legends was declared the winner and will represent QC in the regional tournament!

Congratulations to the members: Silvermainne, Magesky and Kokushi!


Last but not the least are our early bird awardees. They all got 1000 Drakens!  Congratulations to the following birdies~



Thanks to all who dropped by and participated. ‘Til the next tournament! See you guys on April 5 at Cavite! ;)

Click here to see more pictures of the event.





Dark Orbit Reloaded, newest game on Friendster!


Greetings Gamers!


A new game just joined our ranks! In partnership with Big Point Games, Friendster presents Dark Orbit Reloaded!


Dark Orbit Reloaded is a point-and-click MMO space shooting game released as a sequel to Big Point’s hit title, Dark Orbit. The sequel addressed the common problems and issues of the original title and improved the game mechanics based on community feedback.


One of the biggest change from the original title is the improvement on the general user interface. The current UI of Dark Orbit Reloaded looks sleek and efficient. Icons and buttons do not occupy too much of the screen, allowing easy navigation and control over the game.


The game graphics also underwent a major upgrade. The game’s  high-resolution browser graphics look really impressive. Game controls are fairly easy to understand and combat mechanics is very noob-friendly.  


Here are three main things you can do in Dark Orbit Reloaded:

Command Your Ship

Choose your spacecraft and specialize it to suit your play style. Gather materials to build your ship’s offensive or defensive structures and to be able take on enemies head on.

Fight With or Against your Friends

With danger lurking at every corner of the galaxy, players must be alert while hunting for resources, completing missions or even when strolling around space. It is best to travel with friend to fight with you as you might not know what’s out there.

Faction Allegiance

Choose a faction and prepare to defend it will all of your strength!


So what are you waiting for? Play now and join the intergalactic fight for dominance!…

Drakensang FX launches Sigris server!

Promo Image

Hello everyone!

Friendster, in partnership with MMOG, just launch a second server for Drakensang FX!

The new world, called Sigris, will pave the way for MMOG players to venture into the land of the dragons. While MMOG accounts will be limited to Sigris, Friendster players have the option to choose between the two servers.

To help them on their journey, new players of Sigris will be given a welcome package containing the following items:

52px-Cot_large_icon 400 Crystal of Truth

andermants_icon 1200 Andermants

essence_of_war_icon 2 Stacks of  999 Essence of War

universal_potion_icon 10 Universal Healing Potions

fruit_of_insight_icon 2 Fruit of Insight


The new world presents a great opportunity to start fresh. Armed with their knowledge of the game, experienced players get a one-step advantage in the new server.  New players won’t be at a disadvantage either. Sigris will even out the battlefield with newcomers having the chance be at the top of the leaderboard!

Finally, a chance to do it all over again! Create a character now and let a new journey begin!

So what are you waiting for? Play now!

All updates and promotions will still run across all game servers.



Drakensang Battlegrounds 2014 unleashed!

      FB Post 01

Attention defenders of Duria!

Gather your guild and allies and show us your best moves.

Defeat all and be Drakensang FX’s 1st Battlegrounds Champion!

Anyone can claim to be the best. That ends today when we see for ourselves who is the best in all of Duria at Drakensang FX’s Battlegrounds.

An onsite tournament for Drakensang’s mightiest warriors will be held across the Philippines. Check out the schedule and the tournament mechanics below.


Location and Schedule:

1st Batch

  • March 29: QC (MANILA)
  • April 5: CAVITE
  • April 12: DAVAO
  • May3: CEBU


dso registration gift pack

Pre-Registration Gift Pack

Pre-register and get a Friendster goodie bag.

Step 1: Pre-register for any of the Drakensang Battlegrounds event left (Davao and Cebu).

Step 2: Be at the event!

Step 3: Get your friendster goodie bag

Goodie bag has a T-shirt, USB flash drive, Bag and ID Lace inside!


How to join/ register:

1.) Form a team with 3 members.

2.) Fill out the online form: Drakensang FX Battlegrounds Pre-registration Form


or Download: Drakensang FX Battlegrounds Pre-registration Form

Send the accomplished form to drakensang@friendster.com. Use the format below when sending your email:

Email Subject: Drakensang FX Battleground <Area> Registration

Email Body:


My team, Drakensang GMs, would like to join the Drakensang FX Battleground Quezon City Tournament. Please let us know if we are qualified.

Thank you,

GM WinterTsuki


3.)  Wait for the acknowledgement email from the DSO team to secure your tournament slot.

4.) Be there at the event venue on or before 1:00PM.

That’s it! See you at the Battleground’s location.


Rules to keep in mind:

1.) Each player is only allowed to play for one team per area.

Ex. Dragonknight member of the team [ChampionsOfAntonia] joined the Regionals in Manila, will not be allowed to play for

Hit it right with Boomz! Ready, aim, fire!


Hello everyone!


Looking for a fun, cute, casual and no stress browsing game? Well, your search is done! Try out Boomz 3.2 New Era and it will surely bring the heat to your browser!


BoomZ is a cute casual web-based MMOG that has a turn-base action artillery gameplay. The game mechanics is similar to other games such as Gunbound or Worms, so if your a fan of those, then you’re in for a treat with Boomz. ;)


To start off, create a Friendster account and go to Boomz game page to play. Once you are inside the game, create a character and choose a character name. Unfortunately, since there are so many players, a lot of character names are already taken so squeeze your imagination for a unique and creative name! :)

 blog post

After you have created your character, you’ll be asked to go through the tutorial to learn the basics. Controls are very easy and simple. If you’ve played Angry Birds before then you’ll find this no problem at all. They key is to position your angle just right and hit space bar at the right moment. ;)


After the tutorial, you can now go into town, shop, chat, challenge players and monsters! You can also customize your character with different equipment and costumes to suit your style!

Check out more in-game screenshots below:



615x330_1_big 615x330_2_big


Looks super exciting right? Create a character now and have fun in Boomz!

See ya in-game!…

Explore the fantasy of Crystal Legacy!

Hello everyone!

This week’s featured Friendster game is Crystal Legacy!

This cute MMORPG is a free-to-play browser game set in a fantasy medieval world. It has the characteristics of a client based game including great graphics and smooth gameplay!


With one look, Crystal Legacy will captivate you with its stunning anime style, from character, to equipment, and even to its ferocious monsters. Beginners start their journey by running errands in order to level up faster and boost their rewards.

Like most free to play MMOs, Crystal Legacy also features an auto-pathing system that allows players the convenience of directing their character to the target NPC with just one click. After completing some basic dialogue, players could explore battle grounds and dungeons.

screenshot sample

The game features 5 different races: Warrior, Assassin, Priest, Elf and Daemon. Each race unlocks two classes which bears its own strength and weakness, preferred combat style and weaponry.


The Warriors

A.) Holy Rider: The patron saint of the battlefield, the Holy Riders establish themselves as unassailable fortress in the battlefield with peerless Defence and blood volume.

B.) Unyielding Rider: Made of blood and iron, the Unyielding Riders are the soul of the battlefield, earning their reputation with powerful physical damage and remarkable melee attack.



The Assassins

A.) Shadow Assassin: King of ambush and the ultimate crowd controller, the Phantom Assassins, always remaining in the dark, can finish their foes in an instant with explosive attack!

B.)Phantom Assassin: Ultimate mobility and swift dodge protect the Phantom Assassins from perceived attack; their peerless skill combos make them almost invincible against their foes.



The Priest

Herald Priest: The Herald Priests are powerful healers; their magic buffs make them indispensable for dungeon adventure, levelling and all kinds of power PK!

Blood Evil Priest: The ultimate crowd controller and master of magic spells …