Thanks for visiting us at Pinoy Gaming Festival 2014!

The team would like to say THANK YOU to every one who visited us at the Pinoy Gaming Festival! We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did!



Special thanks to our Boomz, Drakensang and Divosaga players and also to MSI Philippines for sponsoring our gaming laptops during the event! :)


The 2 day PGF event was fun for the Friendster Team. We held a freeplay for our games, Drakensang FX, Boomz, Divo Saga and Magic Campus. It was fun seeing new faces try out the game!


Some of the participants won merchandise and special items from us while others lined up for our freebies. We gave away lots of Friendster merchandise (Tshirt, Lanyards, and Bags) to lucky raffle winners!


Check out the gallery here for more pictures!


Meanwhile, don’t forget your 40% discount on all PlayBox games! Just enter “PGF-2014″ on checkout .


We hope to see you on our next event!


Friendster Team

Battle Stations 3: An updated version!




We are delighted to inform you that Battle Stations have been upgraded to Battle Station 3. The game still requires you to pilot your flying ship to explore floating islands and do battle with other ship captains and monsters.


For Beginners’

There are great treasures to be discovered, hidden secrets to uncover, and fortune to behold. Live by your own rules and seize what’s yours!

Man your battle stations! For enemies are abound. Be it in Player Versus Player (PvP) combat, or in the group effort of Clan Wars (CW), you need to take them out before they blast you out of the sky!



Levels 1-10

All Captains start out as the Sailor Class for the first 10 Levels, which means every Captain in this Level range have the same automatic Ability Points distribution ratio. This, along with the low number of overall Ability Points a Captain in this Level range might have, as well as the limited choice of Ships, Weapons and Parts and the unavailability of Captain Vs Captain Battles until later, means that build strategy isn’t as important here as it would until the later Level ranges; nevertheless, Captains are well advised to start allocating Ability Points according to one of the above recommended Build Strategies from the start, as Points allocated here carry on to the later Level ranges.



Beyond Level 10

Hopefully by this point, familiarity with the interface has been established. How to proceed is up to what kind of captain is being developed. Other important systems to be familiarized with are the Black Market and Resource Exchange. Captains can also join clans and enjoy clan warring.


Join us at

Welcome to the World of Sios! :)


Friendster is going to Pinoy Gaming Festival 2014!


Hello everyone,


Friendster is going to Pinoy Gaming Festival 2014 this October 25-26, 2014 at Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall, Philippines.


Catch us there as we are giving away tons of freebies and prizes!

Just drop by our booth, register and get to pick an instant prize! Get the chance to win the following items:

  • Friendster USB
  • Friendster T-shirt
  • Friendster Lanyard
  • Friendster Bag

Aside from this, we have tons of other activities for you!

Get your game on and see our activities below for the 2-day event:




1.) PlayBox 2K 2-Day Sale @ PGF!

  • Join PlayBox at the Pinoy Gaming Festival on October 25-26, 2014 at SM Megatrade Hall and take advantage of the 2K 2-Day Sale! Visit our booth and get 40% discount on 2Ks newly released titles:

    • NBA2K15 (Get it for P1,611)
    • BORDERLANDS: THE PRE-SEQUEL ( Get it for P1,611)
    • Sid Meier’s Civilization®: Beyond Earth™ (Get it for P1,343)

2.) Get a chance to win your own NBA2K15! Just play and be the champion of our NBA challenge!



DSO Leaderboard

Drakensang FX Booth Activities:

1.) Swap-A-Ticket

  • Be there and we will swap your ticket with the following:
    • 2000 Andermants
    • 999 Essence of Destruction
    • 10 Universal Healing Potions
    • 5 Mighty Spirit Guard
    • 5 Kaboom

2.) Boss Time Attack

  • Beat Khalys using a pre-made Friendster account within 2 minutes and get a Drakensang FX T-shirt instantly!

3.) The Great DSO Challenge

  • Go to our booth and learn about our on-ground challenge! Complete the quest and get a Friendster goodie bag containing a Friendster USB, T-Shirt, Notebook and Lanyard!
  • Fastest time gets a cash prize!!




1.) Boomer Rewards!

  • Calling all Boomerz! Drop by the Friendster booth and get a code containing in-game items!

2.) Boomz 1v1 PGF Challenge!

  • Join our 1v1 challenge and

They grabbed the Tab! Congratulations!

grab a tab winner

Our lucky Grab–A—Tab promo winners visited the Friendster Office last October 3, 2014 to claim their Samsung Galaxy Tab 4!


Our first winner is Anquilo A.K.A “Pepita” Dela Cruz from DrakensangFX! Check him out with our cool peeps from Friendster. He is a nurse by day and a gamer by night. Like the others, he liked Diablo a lot–the game–, we meant he liked playing Diablo, :-) then later found DrakensangFX and fell in love. Congratulations Pepita! We hope you can use the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 to save lives!



Our next winner is Ryan A.K.A “Shishumaru14” Oniot from Boomz. Shishumaru came all the way from Laguna to pick-up his Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. He’s been playing Boomz since 2012. A true veteran, he knows the game by heart. It was great talking to him and his lovely friends! Sorry Shishumaru, we don’t have any PV to give out, but hey, you have a brand new Galaxy Tab 4! Enjoy!


Our two lucky winners also got some premium loot from Friendster :)

We hope you are enjoying your new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4!

As for the others, Login now and you might have a chance to win other cool stuff from Friendster!!


Check out more pictures here

What’s in the box? Join and win!

740x340 What's in the Box

What’s in the box?

Look inside. There something you shouldn’t miss!


Playbox is giving away 10,000 Friendster coins to our daily winner plus the October lucky box to all Boomz players!


Joining the promo is easy, simply:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your favorite game on PlayBox and click “Buy Now” or “Preorder”
  3. On the bottom part of the game page, click “Share on Facebook”
  4. Say something about the game. Why do you like the game? Do not forget to use the hashtag #Friendster #PlayBox
  5. Post privacy should be set to “Public”.

Sample 3

6. Click “Share link”

7. Once done, like and message us on our official PlayBox Facebook page and provide your Friendster email address and name.

8. You must have a Friendster account to qualify.

9. 1 Lucky participant will win 10,000 Friendster coins every day!

10. All Boomz players will receive the October Lucky Box just by joining.

11. * To avoid abuse, newly created / fake Facebook accounts won’t be given the October Lucky Box codes.

11. Promo runs from September 29 – October 13, 2014

What are you waiting for! Find out what’s in the box. Take a pick and win!


Divosaga FX’s Road to Eternal Love is here!


My dearest King of All Heroes,


The time has come to reclaim what was lost in your kingdom! Divosaga FX’s version 3.1 has officially arrived! This game version boasts of awesome features you’ve been waiting for so long!


Marriage System
Now is the time to seal your exchange of “I Do’s!” Engagement, wedding, or divorce, you may experience it all in the new marriage system!


New Class Advancement
Players can now complete quests for Class Advancement to unlock powerful skills and obtain awesome effects!


Astrology Upgrades
Two new Astral slots will be given to you in this version upgrade! Astral upgrade training, and brand new double attribute Astrals will surely boost your power!


Mount Refining
You can now refine your mounts’ stats to enhance your strength!


Dragon Invasion

Party up with your friends and defend your kingdom from the dragon invasion!


Did you think reaching level 80 is the end of the line? Well then, you now have a reason think again!


Read the complete patch notes here!


See you in game!
Friendster Team…

PlayBox is here! Browse, purchase, and play your favorite games!


Hello everyone,


Looking for a convenient way to search and purchase games online? Look no further as we launch our digital gaming platform, the Friendster PlayBox – Beta!


The Friendster PlayBox is the go-to place for all your digital gaming needs. Here, you can buy and download PC and Mac gaming titles at the best price. We are currently in Beta Phase but you can already browse through our list of games and enjoy deals and promotions exclusive for our community.


Incredible game collection

Friendster PlayBox holds a ton of different games to suit the need of every gamer. Watch out for updates as we constantly release new titles for our members to enjoy. Discover great new games that will take your gaming experience to a higher level!


Easy Purchase

Don’t have a credit card? No worries! You can purchase games through a number of payment options including bank deposit, over-the-counter payments and lots more with MOL! You can also pay through your PayPal account for a hassle-free transaction!


Great support team

Buy with confidence as our team is here to offer complete customer support. We are always here to give you assistance as we aim to make your gaming experience with us the best.


Be part of our growing community and discover great games! Meet fellow game enthusiasts, talk about the game reviews,  share tips and tricks for a maximum gaming experience.


See you there!


Congratulations to our Grab-A-Tab Promo winners!

Lady luck has spoken and two very fortunate participants will enjoy a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4!


A heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined our Grab-A-Tab promo! It’s time to announce the lucky players who will enjoy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and 25,000 Friendster coins!

Congratulations to our 2 winners of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4:
1.) Dela Cruz Anquilo A.K.A. “Pepita” from DrakensangFx
2.) Ryan Oniot A.K.A. “shishumaru14″ from Boomz

Creative answers also get a reward!

Congratulations to the 4 winners of 25,000 Friendster coins:
1.) Anne Enna A.K.A. “msƒRien∂shιp” from Boomz
2.) Alyas Layas A.K.A. “D dead fire fist Ace” from Battle Stations 2
3.) Meracle FD A.K.A. “Borat” from Drakensangfx
4.) Virgilio Amoncio Arches Jr. A.K.A. “ταhong” from Drakensangfx

For the winners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, please wait for our email containing instructions on how to claim your prizes.

For the winners of 25,000 Friendster coins, your prize will be automatically rewarded to your account within 3 working days.

Again, congratulations everyone! Watch out for more promos coming your way! How about some gaming gear, hmm?

Continue playing on Friendster and get awesome rewards!

Win 5,000 Friendster Coins from King of Tweet Promo!


Attention citizens!

The King is feeling generous this week. He will be giving away 5,000 Friendster Coins daily to a lucky citizen that will tweet about King of Towers! 


Yep, you heard it right. Just tweet to @friendster and you might win yourself some coins!


To participate, simply:

1.) Follow @Friendster on Twitter

2.) Tweet to @Friendster with a screenshot of your King of Tower base

3.) Include the hashtag #Friendster and KingOfTower and the link

Sample Tweet:


4.) You must have a King of Towers character/ account to qualify.

5.) 1 lucky participant will win 5,000 Friendster coins daily!

6.) Promotion runs from Sept 22-29, 2014!


What are you waiting for? Try it out and win!

Your Kingdom Awaits on Friendster!




Friendster has just released a new Tower Defense game courtesy of Shinezone.  Welcome to The King of Towers!


In this game, you are King, and it is your duty to defend your Kingdom!


  • Use any of the four towers at your disposal to defeat invaders.


  • Build Towers by clicking on empty spots in the stage.


  • Stop enemies from getting through the exit circle.


  • Finish stages to advance to the next levels.


  • Login daily to get rewards by spinning the Daily Wheel!


  • And don’t forget to Sign In Daily for more rewards!



So what are you waiting for? Login to Friendster and play The King of Towers now!