A Beginner’s Guide to Conquering Edgeworld

Lost in space? Navigate your way through the Edgeworld¬†galaxy with these must do's: All players are given a period of immunity when they first begin the game. Use this time to build a powerful base on an abandoned alien planet rich in resources. Once you're immunity period expires, your base will be vulnerable to¬†attacks from the armies of other commanders. Defend your colony against hostile forces with defensive turrets that vary in range and power. The war is long and the battles evolve in complexity over time. A stagnant army will soon be an obsolete one. Upgrades and evolution of battle techniques are essential to your survival in this chaotic world. Improve your forces by researching technology to unlock new combat units comprised of human and alien races. Tech research and repairs to damaged infrastructure can be accelerated by purchasing items in the game. In addition, you can earn or purchase weaponry that will strike fear in the hearts of your enemies. Attack your enemies with an army of elite soldiers and epic war machines. Dominate the battlefield to become the leader of your alliance and the commander that all other players rally behind for protection and inspiration. Deploy units skillfully to maximize destruction. A poorly executed strategy can leave your forces in ruins and your troops demoralized. And remember: join an alliance for mutual protection. This is an essential tactic for survival at the higher game levels.   For more tips, visit the Edgeworld Forum. Your galaxy awaits.