Creating your Crystal Legacy

Crystal Legacy is a free-to-play 2.5D browser MMORPG that takes you into the realm of Vidalia, where survival means exploring treasures, slaying creatures and communicating with your allies. With one look, Crystal Legacy will captivate you with its stunning anime style, from character, to equipment, and even to its ferocious monsters. Beginners start their journey by running errands in order to level up faster and boost their rewards. After completing some basic dialogue, players could explore battle grounds and dungeons. One important reminder: activities are closely associated with game storyline so every move must be planned around it. Like most free to play MMOs, Crystal Legacy also features an auto-pathing system that allows players the convenience of  directing their character to the target NPC with just one click. Unleashing your battle Your path will be laden with different monsters. Quickly move the cursor onto each monster you encounter - once the cursor changes into a ‘club’ icon, left click to attack it. (Note: Press ‘~’ to auto pick a monster; ‘Shift+ left click’ to pick a monster without launching attack) When the cursor turns into a red dagger, it means the monster can be attacked. If you think this NPC is an easy prey, click to attack with the basic skills of your job class. Remember to pre-set hot keys which will launch your special skills. If no hot keys have been set, the cursor will turn into a dagger by default, which you can use to launch attack. Carefully assess if you can launch your attack from where you are located. If your target is not close enough, your character will auto run to a more strategic point of attack. Understanding Your Game Page System Setting: Open/close ingame music, set maximum player number per screen, auto-accept Mount-riding invitation. Guild (G): Find everything about your Guild here: Basic Guild information, Guild members list, news, announcements, resources, mission statement, etc Team (P): Find the lineup of Teams in the current map; click this icon to create, join, quit or dissolve a Team Friends (o): Click this icon to add friends, blacklist players and/or tie the knot Auto: 'Auto-pilot' when you badly need to step out quickly Skills Shortcut Panel: Drag and drop Skills and Potions to this panel to set hotkeys for them Task (T): Check the current Tasks, Tasks that are available and Tasks that have been completed Skills (V): Click here to browse the Skill Books for the different job classes Backpack (B): Hottest items - simply press shortcut key “B” to check your items in your backpack Mount (N): Click here when you want to ride on your Mount, equip with Wings, feed and/or forge Mounts Pet (X): Check Pet attributes, summon, free and breed Pets here Character (C): Press the hotkey ‘C’ to view your Character’s attributes Chat system: chat in different channels - ‘Local’, ‘Private’, ‘Team’, ‘Guild’, ‘World’, and ‘Megaphone’ Hide: Show/hide players World: View the World Map Map (M): Click here to check on the current Map Store (Y): Press ‘Y’ to shop the Item Mall Event/ Instance: Where you can check daily events, activities and instances Rankings: View Character Level, the amount of Gold and the Villains here Online Reward: Collect system rewards released Website: Link to the official website for the latest events and updates Current Line: The server line you are on EXCLUSIVE TO FRIENDSTER PLAYERS! Log on to Friendster and play Crystal Legacy now to instantly get a Combat Pet and VIP Title! Just top-up any amount you want (yes, any amount will do!) to enjoy these first-time top-up privileges! Rewards: Combat Pet + Forever VIP Title + Extra 1-hour Auto Gaming for FREE! Here's how it goes: When your character reaches Level 10, head to the Event Manager NPC at Starpolis to collect the Combat Pet - your account will be automatically upgraded to VIP Level 1 (Forever) as well! (Limited to one set of rewards per character). To collect your rewards, accept the ‘A Key Step’ (Main) task, and head straight to the Event Manager NPC for task report and reward collection. There MUST be Magic Crystals in your account when you collect the rewards. Crystal Legacy - The best action packed MMORPG fantasy game! Join the realm and create your legacy!