DivoSaga Free Online Game Now on Friendster!

Friendsters check it out! From the makers of Shen Qu comes the most-awaited English version of the game, DivoSaga. This is the first (in hopefully a line of many) new hybrid RPG + RTS free online games on Friendster. DivoSaga game is developed by MMOG.asia and published by MyCNX. Check out the video below for a brief look into the game.

What's in store for DivoSaga players

DivoSaga gives players a full-on visual treat; there are definitely a lot of features to be excited about. We’ve listed a few key features below, but you’re free of course to explore and discover more of it on your own!

 DivoSaga Characters

Start off by choosing your character from among the three classes available: Warrior, Wizard, or Ranger. Each class comes with different sets of strengths and skills, but each one’s a guaranteed badass in battle! Build your characters’ skill levels, earn medals, and continue the fight for liberty!

 DivoSaga City

Develop and discover new structures to build your City. Start with the City Hall, the main building, as this affects the level cap of all other structures in your City. Recruit and train troops once you’ve unlocked the Barracks. Try enlisting different types of troops for different battles, and don’t forget to level up your troops before fighting. Enhance, craft, and synthesize equipment to fit your character in the Blacksmith. Unlock your Farm and the Ancient Tree to plant and collect rewards. We recommend for you to go social and buddy up for more rewards. If you’re up for a challenge and PVP battle, then definitely head over to the Colisseum, maybe even get some special equipment and items in the shop. As you reach higher levels, more structures will be unlocked to help you manage your troops.

 DivoSaga Battle

Take part in challenging battles by traveling and leading your troops in Expeditions, where you will encounter a different and much stronger Boss every time you move to a different location. Enter the Colisseum to participate in challenges with other players or participate in the PVP Arena; both allowing you to earn lots of rewards like runes, gold, and medals. You’d definitely want to gear up for MVP battles, released at specified periods of the day, and team up to beat the MVP for really fabulous rewards. At the same time compete with each other for some awesome awards for last strike, most damages, and more. IF you are up for an intense fight, suit up and march on the Battlefield. Be part of a team and fight for medal and above all, honor!

The Decree

Story-wise, DivoSaga promises to let you take the lead, how it all ends up will depend on your strategy and battle-fighting skills. Stay captivated for hours in this challenging, fun-to-play, visually fascinating game. Stand up and fight, be brave! When Fate has chosen you, rise for liberty!


You have your PC, and you have your internet connection. What are you waiting for? Play DivoSaga on Friendster now, there’s no need to download! As a bonus for first time DivoSaga players who started November 6 onwards, bonus game codes will be awarded for a limited time! Redeem gold, gems, potions, and more when you use your code!

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