Drakensang Online now in Open Beta!

After weeks of testing in closed beta, we're very excited to announce that Drakensang Online is now in open beta! Yes folks, you better believe it! Thanks everyone for all the support and help with testing during the past couple of weeks, reporting bugs and letting us know your concerns with the game.

Drakensang Online Open Beta

For now, this epic free to play RPG wants you in game! Surprise surprise for all closed beta testers, as there will be no wipe at this stage of the game. We've also got awesome welcome packages just waiting to be delivered to those who reached level 15 and up during the closed beta test period. If you're one of them, then expect yours to be delivered by September 6th (that might seem far from now, but our messengers will battle their way through monsters and dragons to get them to you fast!).

Watch out for some pretty exciting happenings and promos soon! Premium Titles and Leveling Events are just 'round the corner, need we say more?

Plus, Andermants (the in-game currency) and Special Offer Packages are now available as well. These come at very affordable prices, so stock up on Friendster Coins so you can go shopping! Most deals are just too hard to resist!

We're headed over there right now for a round or two of battle, we'll see you there! Play Drakensang Online now!