New Games on Friendster

Adding on to the ever-growing list of games here on Friendster, here are three new ones for you to test your gaming prowess on! From first-person shooting, role-playing, to casual games, we've got it covered! Whether you've got a few minutes or several hours, you won't get bored with these.

Check out the list below and let us know in the comments section which ones are your favorites. Have fun!


Chickaban on Friendster

From game developer Mordskerl Games, the one who brought us Acrabbits, Kick It, and Up to the Moon, comes another addition to the addicting casual games here on Friendster.

Fancy some chicken herding? In this new game, Chickaban, push all the chickens into their nests. Sounds easy, right? Try playing the game and you'll be surprised, it can get quite challenging. Especially when  you can only move one chicken at a time. This brain teaser will have you doing the chicken dance all through its' twenty levels of fun. Chicken wings anyone? :)

Play Chickaban on Friendster now!

Chronicles of Blood

Chronicles of Blood on Friendster

From Diviad comes this online role-playing game of Vampires! Awaken your thirst for blood as a vampire in this game. Start the dark journey through the hunting grounds, co-exist with humans while baiting Creatures to feed on, and rise to the top of the Vampire Society. Choose a power, strengthen it, and use it to wield your Vampire might. This thrilling PvE/PvP game brings with it unique artwork and refreshing game elements, don't expect to see some glittering creatures though ;)

As a bonus, game developer Diviad are releasing this special pack to Friendster players!

Chronicles of Blood - Friendster Pack

Play Chronicles of Blood on Friendster now!


Ground Wars

Ground Wars on Friendster

This first console quality FPS game on Friendster is brought to you by Ground and Pound Gaming. You can't go wrong with guns, grenades, and zombies all in one game! Get the most kills, and whatever you do, don't get slaughtered by those zombies! Compete against your friends or team up and enjoy this 3D game. Practice your aiming and multitasking skills. Load up on ammunition and get ready to fight for your life!

 Play Ground Wars on Friendster now!


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