Join Friendster @ Ozinefest 2014!


Hello everyone!

Friendster is invading Ozinefest 2014 this weekend. Join us and try out our games for free! We are also giving away lots of cool in-game items and Friendster merchandise!


When: April 25 – 27, 2014

Where: SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City


There will be lots of games, activities and Cosplayers around! I’ll bet you’ll have lots of fun!


Tickets are priced at PHP 120.00 per day. Check out OzineFest 2014 website for more details.


See you there!



Exclusive Drakensang Razer Packs for Razer Comms users!


Attention Durians! 

Friendster and Razer are teaming up to give Razer Comms users exclusive and limited Drakensang Razer Packs! Get yours now before they run out! 

1.) To claim just go to:
2.) Enter your Razer ID and receive your code!


For those without Razer Comms / Razer ID:

1.) Download the Razer Comms by clicking here

2.) Run the file and install Razer Comms on your desktop.

3.) Run Razer Comms and click on “Create an account” at the lower left corner.

4.) Once done, a verification link will be sent to your email. Click on it and your Razer ID will be registered successfully.

5.) Go back to Drakensang-Razer Promo page and input your Razer ID to get the code! :-)

Be proud and wear your Razer tabards! Your loyalty will be rewarded with these useful items that will help you in your quest for freedom!


Each code offers the following items:

Razer Tabard1 Razer Tabard

Gem Boxes2 Gem Boxes

Lock Picks25 Lock Picks

Pitch Black Dye1 Pitch Black (Dye)

Lichen Green Dye1 Lichen Green (Dye)

Crystal of Truth600 Crystals of Truth




Dark Orbit Reloaded 101: A space pilot’s guide to the galaxy

180x180-FB-AVATAR-DKORB Hello new recruits!


Welcome to Dark Orbit Reloaded! I’ll take you through a guided tour of the game so you won’t feel lost. I know how new recruits usually feel so let me help you out! ;-)

First off, once you’ve chosen a character name, you’ll be asked to pick your allegiance. You can only choose one so pick the one you really like!

Choose Allegiance


There are 3 choices: Mars Mining Operations, Earth Industries Corporation and Venus Resources Unlimited.

If you like to use force and aggression to get the job done, then Mars Mining Ops is the group for you.

On the other hand, if you prefer to use monetary might to gain the upper hand, then Earth Industries Corporation is the way to go.

Lastly, if you wield cunning and grace to defeat your enemies, or you’re a girl like me and is totally biased to the girl avatar, then Venus Resources Unlimited is the choice for you.


After you’ve chosen a side, you will be brought to the main page. You will find your profile, the shop, events and news, rankings and a lot more about Dark Orbit Reloaded.


More on this later on, for now, click “start” and let’s focus on the game!

On with the controls! To move your spacecraft, simply point and click your mouse pointer on the area you want to go. You can click on a location on the mini map and your ship will automatically go there. To attack a ship, click your enemy to target and press “1″. Oh and don’t spam “1″ when using missiles. Just one click is enough, double clicking it will turn off the attack.

controlscontrol 2


By pressing “1″, “2″ or “3″ you will be able to use or consume the items you put in your action bar. With my action bar, “1″ is for missiles and “2″ is for rockets~ pew,pew!

Now on to the missions! New missions are marked with an “!”. Once you enter the game, fly to the right and you’ll see the skylab with a “!”


The starter missions are fairly simple. They will ask you to collect cargo boxes and kill several enemy ships. Enemies at this point are non-aggressive so they won’t attack you until you attack them first. You’ll have several of those missions to help you get a hang of the game.

Oh! And before I forget, you can adjust your settings or go into full screen mode by clicking the buttons at the upper right corner. Change the resolution, control the music volume, etc. Just hit the gear icon and fiddle with the settings. ;)



Okay! So that’s it for now. Come back once you get a hang of the game and I’ll give you more tips!

C’mon pilot, you have a galaxy to rule! Play now! 


Drakensang FX Battlegrounds 2014 (QC) Event Recap!

Hello everyone!

How was your weekend? We hope you had fun coz we certainly did! It was great seeing our players in the flesh. Hopefully they were glad to see us too ;)


Our first ever Drakensang FX Battlegrounds tournament was held at BC Website in Anonas, Quezon City. The event wasn’t without hiccups but everyone went home smiling.  The DSO team gave away tons of in-game items (including rare ones!) and lots of Friendster and DSO merchandise.

blog 2

We also conducted a 1v1 tournament and Silvermainne was declared the champion! Congratulations! Enjoy your 3x Polished Rubies and 1x Polished Diamond :D !


Then after a series of matches, Team AC Legends was declared the winner and will represent QC in the regional tournament!

Congratulations to the members: Silvermainne, Magesky and Kokushi!


Last but not the least are our early bird awardees. They all got 1000 Drakens!  Congratulations to the following birdies~



Thanks to all who dropped by and participated. ‘Til the next tournament! See you guys on April 5 at Cavite! ;)

Click here to see more pictures of the event.





Drakensang FX launches Sigris server!

Promo Image

Hello everyone!

Friendster, in partnership with MMOG, just launch a second server for Drakensang FX!

The new world, called Sigris, will pave the way for MMOG players to venture into the land of the dragons. While MMOG accounts will be limited to Sigris, Friendster players have the option to choose between the two servers.

To help them on their journey, new players of Sigris will be given a welcome package containing the following items:

52px-Cot_large_icon 400 Crystal of Truth

andermants_icon 1200 Andermants

essence_of_war_icon 2 Stacks of  999 Essence of War

universal_potion_icon 10 Universal Healing Potions

fruit_of_insight_icon 2 Fruit of Insight


The new world presents a great opportunity to start fresh. Armed with their knowledge of the game, experienced players get a one-step advantage in the new server.  New players won’t be at a disadvantage either. Sigris will even out the battlefield with newcomers having the chance be at the top of the leaderboard!

Finally, a chance to do it all over again! Create a character now and let a new journey begin!

So what are you waiting for? Play now!

All updates and promotions will still run across all game servers.



More and more Friendster coins! Enjoy your Holiday 10% Top up Bonus!



If you are wondering why you have more Friendster coins than you should, it’s because we have just awarded your 10% Top up Bonus!


You can now enjoy an extended shopping spree :) But before you go ahead and spend those coins, remember to check out the promos of your favorite game and you might find something you like – for a bargain! :)


Thanks for joining our holiday promo!



The Friendster Team



Hi Friends,

We have all seen the suffering of Filipinos who were victims of Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever recorded in modern times. They are hungry, sick and depressed.

The time to help is now.

Friendster is now allowing all our users to pitch in and help the relief efforts by “gifting” Friendster coins to Mister Friendster, an official account we created for this campaign. We shall be donating 100% of the amount to the Yolanda Relief Efforts.

 Here are details on how to donate:

 Event Schedule

  • November 14, 2013 – January 31, 2014

 Who Can Join?

  • Anyone can participate


  • Step 1: Search for Mister Friendster in the Search Tab.

Yolanda FS Support Step 1 v3

  • Step 2: Add the user Mister Friendster. Take note of the user ID to make certain that you sent your donation to the right user.

Yolanda FS Support Step 3

  • Step 3: Wait for Mister Friendster to add you.
  • Step 4: Once your friend invite has been approved you can now donate by sending Mister Friendster, Friendster coins. >> Learn How To Gift FS Coins Here

Yolanda FS Support Step 4


Please make sure that you also share this post to all your friends so everyone can help and make a difference.

Thank you!

The Friendster Team

Friendster Heads to Cebu! Join us at the Cebu eSports Festival 2013!

Friendster joins eSports Tournament

Heads up to all Friendster gamers in the South! Our team is headed your way this coming weekend! Join us at the eSports Festival 2013 from the 23rd to the 25th, at the SM Trade Hall, Cebu City!

If you haven’t noticed already, we just launched our biggest game yet, Drakensang Online! It’s an epic MMORPG that will definitely keep you coming back! Seemingly endless missions, PvP battles, challenges, and so much more. Get first dibs and try it out with your friends during the event. Just visit our booth and register for the free play. On top of that, keep an eye out as we’ll be giving away Friendster and Drakensang Online merchandise during raffles and trivia games.

Plus if you’re up for some totally free Friendster Coins or in-game items, join the Strike A Pose Shout Out! Check out this link for full contest details.

See you there!

Drakensang Online CBT Begins Aug 12!



The epic new action RPG game is coming your way! Experience extraordinary 3D graphics and effects directly in your browser, immerse into epic story with countless quests and enjoy breathtaking range of landscapes filled with hostile monsters. Friendster’s newest Free2Play RPG, Drakensang will have its Closed Beta Testing on Aug 12, 2013!


Relentlessly charge into battle as a Dragonknight, brandish your elemental adeptness as a Spellweaver, or cunningly debilitate targets with agility and precision as a Ranger. Together you will fight with your fellow warriors within Drakensang through an epic struggle to earn your freedom!

warrior_f mage_f ranger_m

Get to experience firsthand this epic RPG game, enjoy exciting events and lots of freebies. Not only that, all CBT players will also get free items come open beta!

Play Drakensang Online now for free!

Sign up or log in

Play Drakensang Online

DivoSaga FX – Full Screen Mode On!

DivoSaga FX Lords, we’ve been getting numerous requests for a full screen game mode. Now it’s here! Take advantage of your screen’s real estate and enjoy the game without the additional ads, banners, and menus. Here’s how to activate your game in full screen mode:

Simply click on the Full Screen Mode button on the upper left portion of your screen. It should be right beside your character, and on top of your level indicator.

DivoSaga FX Full Screen

Please note that you would need to update / install your Adobe Flash Player to version 11.3 or above. Here’s a quick link to the download: Adobe Flash Player Support Center

To return from the full screen mode, simply hit Esc on your keyboard. If you’re having problems with the full screen version, just send us an email at

Enjoy hours of uninterrupted game time and immerse yourself in the DivoSaga FX realm! Ready to go on full screen mode? Head over to Friendster and play DivoSaga FX now!